I wonder what Jennette McCurdy is doing right now. Oh, I know, not opening for the vmas, winning a moon man and releasing an album that is number 1 in 50+ countries, all in one night. You ain’t shit Jennette. Hope you have fun watching her slay everything while all you do is talk shit about her in your mediocre web series. fuck you

Thats probably because Jennette doesn’t want to be a singer. I dont see Arianna doing anything big acting wise. They are in two completely different career fields now so its really stupid to compare them. Also writing,producing and starring in a very succesful webshow isnt something to snuff at its actually quiet an acomplishment. Also it was Jennettes choice to step away and do her own thing for a while. Arianna is very succesful right now but that doesnt mean Jennette isn’t succesful in her own right. She is doing more than you are dissing her on your blog. It was a PARODY like SNL you know…..and it was actually quiet funny and didnt say anything rude about Arianna it was just a expansion on her personality for comedy purposes.

"I have a general rule, which I’ve had ever since following January Jones on Instagram and coming to the gut conclusion that she’s probably a pretty cool person, that one should always assume that people who look the worst in the media are actually the nicest, and people who come off as the cutest and funniest are probably the most insufferable. I can’t help but think that’s the case here. Don’t ask me why, but I genuinely feel for Jennette and her plight. I like that her post-Nick aspiration is not to be a mainstream pop star, but to write for a sitcom. She’s a weird celebrity in that she’s pretty well spoken and sharp, but very frequently delves into highly inflammatory social media behavior. (She’s also, we have to remember, only 21.) But that also makes her a really good celebrity! (Arianators who have somehow found their way to this post, please take into account that I am the Jon Snow of the Nickelodeon Universe. I literally knew nothing until about 24 hours ago.)"


Some people just hit puberty, Nathan Kress beat the shit out of it.

4x12 / 5x12

"I want fans to know that the decision to tell this story was made a long time ago," the showrunner explained. "I think sometimes these episodes are promoted for the shock value, like ‘Oh my gosh all of the sudden someone’s going to die!’ But I don’t want people to think that this was haphazard in any way. We weren’t spinning the dial and saying, ‘Okay it landed on that person, time for them to die!’ It was nothing like that,” she said. “This story point came to us over a year ago and it felt like it was a very important part of the big Pretty Little Liars story that we needed to tell.” x


"who’s your favorite character"