G Hannelius honey…..you’re a good comedic actress

But you need to stop writing songs…your lyrics make no sense





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"NAC: Girl Meets Father is out early on this Disney On Demand thing. It's something you have to pay for."


i want maya and farkle together on girl meets world sometime in the future. the good boy gets the bad girl would be such a change from the usual route tv shows take. plus, sabrina and corey have really great chemistry. 

Not really…..its been done on iCarly,Hannah Montana,Wizards of Waverly place….pretty much like that on every kids show now that I think about it.


I really don’t understand why Peyton being three years older than Rowan is such a problem? Ashton Kutcher pretty much had to kiss Mila Kunis during their 70’s days, and he’s like five years older than her. Besides, they have a natural sort of chemistry and they’re just so cute when they’re interacting. I rather see Maya end up with someone else or with Farkle. As annoying as he can be, he sees something good in Maya.

Thats alot different because Mila was of age (not during season 1 but from there on it was)

There is a big difference between two adults with a big age gap and teenagers/preteens. At this point Rowan is still a child and Peyton is already in his mid-late teens.

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"After watching a couple episodes from Girl Meets World, I'd say that Lucas treats Riley more like a little sister rather than a love interest. Thoughts?"

I agree. I dont really feel any kind of romantic connection between Riley and Lucas. I think its because of the actors age difference. In real life Rowan thinks of Peyton like a big brother.

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"Yeah, I think there might be a chance that they end up either giving up on the whole Riley/Lucas relationship. It kinda reminds me of iCarly where Carly and Freddie just decided to become friends. But the ironic thing is, he and Sam ended up becoming a couple as well. Idk sometimes I feel the Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby vibe, with Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle."

I kinda get the Sam/Maya comparison but I dont think Lucas is anything like Freddie. Freddie actually had personality from the start (and Lucas right now is just there to smile and look pretty lol)

But yeah I feel like they casted Maya and Lucas’s actors as the same age so they could end up together at some point in time….I mean how awkward would it be if when Rowan is 14 and Peyton is 17 and they may have to share a kiss or something? The level of maturity between a 14 and 17 year old is alot different.

Only time Lucas has ANY personality at ALL is his little spats with Maya.



can you read it?????????????????

You should work on voice acting in EA for Sims 4

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"Do you think they'll end up pairing Maya up with Lucas? I think it would be an interesting concept to give the Shawn character a Topanga before the Cory character. I honestly do think they'd be better together than Riley and him."

I think they might just to switch it up. I mean I really dont want ANY of the girls to be set up with a predetermined person from the start….so if neither of them end up with Lucas and they are just his friend im fine with that too. I think the girls should focus on finding out who they are as themselves before jumping into a long term relationship.

I think it limits storylines if they put someone with their future husband right from the first episode. I know they did it with Cory and Topanga but the difference is Topanga wasnt suppose to be in the series that long she was just a guest star while Lucas is already a part of the main cast and pinned as the “Male Topanga”